7 Master Steps To Build SEO Friendly Website

How to buid SEO Friendly website? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is very important for a website and the popularity of website is associate with SEO. SEO rules are changed often so that you should also learn the new rules of SEO and Search Engine Algorithms changes. Due to search engines are stronger and smarter, there are many ways to optimize SEO for a website. You website may be on top page of search engine in today, but tomorrow is not sure on top page. This is competitive of webmasters. In this article, I will show you simple SEO methods to build SEO friendly website. It is just the simplest tips and powerful.

Build SEO Friendly Website


To build SEO Friendly website, make your website design to responsive and best mobile user experience. Nowadays, mobile device usage is rapidly growing and most of users view website with tablets and mobile phones. So, your website must be responsive to get visitors satisfaction. No one wants to look with desktop version of website view in their mobile device and don’t want to zoom in and zoom out to the webpages. So, be responsive design. If your website is not responsive, you will lose many traffic by mobile visitors.

There is an another tip you have to care about your website. Although responsive design will make mobile friendly, there are many tips and tricks to be better user experience. You can check your website is mobile friendly or not. I recommend you to check with mobiReady. It will give your website analysis and scores report. Follow their suggestion and fix your website.



2. Website Performance

If your website loading time is more than 4 sec, it will make very annoying to visitors. Hey, you should know that no one want to wait more than 4 sec, visitors will go faster website performance than yours. So, the more loading time, the less visitors. The less visitors will make your website SEO ranking to low. If you want to know about website performance tips, read the two articles .


3.URL Structures

As a newbie web designer or developer, they forget to reformat URL structures. You should make web URL to SEO friendly URL structures. See the example.

  • http://www.example.com/p?31n
  • http://www.example.com/categories/example.html

In these two URL structure, second URL structure is SEO friendly structure. Search engine crawlers can easily crawl SEO friendly URL. If your URL structure is complex, and unreadable format by human, you will not get best result. If you are using Content Management Software (CMS) like as WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal, you can easily change URL structures just a single click. Make your URL structures to post name. So, when the visitors search by post name, search engine will crawl and show the result with unique content by SEO friendly URL structures. This is one of the most powerful point to Build SEO Friendly Website.


4. Make Quality Content and Indexable in Search Engine

Content is the king. Attract your visitors with unique content. Great quality content will make high SEO ranking. Website traffic is associated with content. Then, make your content to indexable in search engines like Google, Bing, etc. I recommend you to use Google Webmaster tools and make your website to indexable. In this article, I’m not tell you how to make indexable content in search engines so that learn yourself how to make indexable content. If you make indexable content, search engine will show indexed content and others similar indexed contents. For example, Search “HackFunk” in Search Engine. It will show any “HackFunk” related content.

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