Develop an SEO-Friendly website in 3 super easy methods

seo-friendly website design

While building a website, you have to keep one basic factor in your mind and that is to create SEO-friendly website. And if you want to know how to make SEO friendly website, you must keep in mind that you are building the website for the individual users, who will visit your site for advice, product or service and also for the search engine. The search engine will crawl your website, find out the keywords that you are using and catalogue your site in order to index your content, so that the users can find your site when they look for a product or services related with that keyword.
Now lets discuss about the 3 steps to develop an SEO friendly website.

1. Relevant Content

Content is still the king and will always be. It is just that the trend of using and incorporating the keywords has changed. No more of keyword stuffing plays important role for the search engine optimization algorithms. You need to make sure that the content is relevant and serves the purpose of the website.
The site must offer content that is informative, relevant and useful for the readers. This will ensure that when they visit your site, they stay there for long and do not get bored or feel your site is incapable of offering what they are looking for and gradually shift their traffic. The search engine will identify that the customers and visitors are staying at your site for long and hence, rank your site well. Whatever the type of your content is, video, image or text, they must have high quality, should be visually pleasing and stunning, as well as properly placed.

2. Responsive design

This is the era of smartphones. There are more than 2 billion Smartphone users currently on the globe and 83% of the internet users use their mobile and wearable devices to search for something online. Hence, if you want to target this audience and convert them into potential customers, you need to make your website responsive.
The best SEO company and its designers, developers and SEO experts always ensure that your website has a responsive design. A responsive design is your key to better search engine ranking. If your user experience is tough, it will clearly be shown on your rank.

3. Make your site likely to be crawled

Whatever you do, the purpose is to be seen by Google at first. If Google cannot see you, nobody else will. For that, you need to create –
  • Create Your Robots.Txt File: The files that you insert in this directory will ensure that those are crawled by Google. If you miss this one, Google will not crawl your site.
  • Create A Sitemap.Xml File: The best SEO services company India will always create this one as this will ensure that Google finds your site quickly through the Sitemap and it doesn’t have to search for it.

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