40 Best-Proven Steps to Launch New Blog And Grow Audience Rapidly

How to launch new blog? Will it work? What should be the niche? Would I get the audience or not? A lot of question arises in your mind when you want to create or launch a new blog. Blogging is now becoming one of the most powerful and productive professions in today’s internet era.

launch new blog

Here are best-proven methods you must follow to create or launch new blog/website and yes, grow traffic engagement too. Read and follow the steps in this guide to understand the methodology of making an attractive blog/website.

Here we go…

1. Pick a topic. Decide what you want to blog about.


First, think about the topic or niche you want to blog about. Before you launch a blog, decide about you blog niche, name and branding. How to know? its very simple, ask yourself what you like? and which topic you can work on? Whether its Technology, Books, Films, Cooking, Travel, Fashion and Beauty, Culture, Religion, Health, etc.

2. Choose a broad topic instead of a narrow one.


Be sure that you’ve selected a niche which attracts more and more audience. Like cooking, a lot of peoples are interested in it. Some likes to cook, someone’s hobby is cooking, someone wants to learn cooking or wants to know new recipes. In other words, do a research about the topics/niches a large number of peoples are interested in.

3. Narrow the focus, too broad a focus will get people confused.


Having a broad focus will create a negative reputation of your blog. Make sure your blog have narrow focus topic.

4. Come up with a powerful skill presentation idea.

blog idea

Having an awesome presentation of your skills will enhance your reputation among the audience. Add some specific points which you think is good for your contents and is different from others.

5. Work out your unique selling point, even if you’re not selling anything.


It stated that successful campaigns appeal to their target audiences using unique points, or “propositions,” which convince them that the brand of product being advertised is superior to the brand they currently use. Nowadays, a USP simply refers to some part of a product or service that makes it unique from other, similar products or services. Even if you are not selling any product, creating a unique selling point is a very powerful point to growing your audience network.

6. Plan how to explain to other people what you do and be remembered.


“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Yes, you know you are a blogger, but how will you explain or presentate yourself? Decide about how will you explain what you do to others in such a way that peoples (audience) remember it.

7. Define your goals clearly.

what are your goals

Choose a definite goal you’ve to work on and stay concentrated on it. Make it clear that you are working on your goal. Set a timeline to work and complete your goal.

8. Write them down in most two sentences.

write goals

First plan your goals in details, recheck, revise and then rewrite your goal in not more than two sentences. Why? Because it will make your work planning more clear.

9. Create a genuine and super attractive slogan/tagline.



For eg., Slogan/Tagline of TheBloggies.com is: Explore The Blogosphere

The Bloggies Slogan

10. Think for sub-categories on your blog.


Create sub-categories that are related to the contents you are going to put on your blog. It will make an easier navigation for the users/visitors of your blog to find the content they are looking for.

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